For Our Vets
For Our Vets
Information for our Veterinarians

As the owners and operators of PennyLane Pet Cremation Services, Inc. we are able to guarantee the cremated remains that are returned to your hospital are those of the pet that was released into our care.

Our tracking systems consist of:

    • Paw tags – GREEN tag represents a private cremations with cremated remains returned to your hospital - WHITE tag represents a group cremation with cremated remains scattered at our facility – RED tag represents a hold. All tags are secured to the pet with a zip tie.

    • Stainless steel numerical disc – All private cremations are assigned a disc with our crematory name and a cremation number. This disc follows the pet through the process and is returned with the cremated remains to the family.

    • Tracking logs – All pets are signed out of your hospital on a tracking log so that we have a paper trail of the pets we remove and return to you. There is a paper I.D. tag placed inside the urn with the numerical disc.

  • PennyLane urn – All pets are returned to your hospital in a unique wooden urn with the pets name and information wood burned into the urn. The urns are custom sized to the pet being returned. These urns are attractive and biodegradable for families that want to keep the ashes or for those that wish to scatter the cremated remains and dispose of the urn. We also have a variety of urns and jewelry available for purchase. We are happy to provide your hospital with a catalogue and pricelist.

Removal schedule:

    • We will arrange pet pick-up and delivery dependent upon the needs of your clinic.

    • We personally make removals and return the urns to your hospital. We do not mail cremations.

    • We offer to your clients the option of scheduling a witness cremation and/or visiting our crematory if that would make them feel more comfortable with the process.

  • We also welcome and encourage your hospital team to visit our crematory.

About PennyLane

We are a family owned and operated pet cremation service, located at our home in peaceful Mead, Colorado

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