What to Expect
What to Expect
What to expect when your pet passes

When your pet passes, we can be here to support you in several ways. First, we can pick your companion up at your home or veterinary clinic, or you are welcome to call us and schedule a time to bring your pet to us here at PennyLane. Some families prefer to schedule a witnessed cremation, which is available.

All private cremations are assigned a cremation number when we assume care of your pet. A small metal disc follows your pet throughout the entire cremation process, ensuring accuracy in regard to the cremated remains you receive back from us.

Private cremations are returned to you in a small, biodegradable wooden urn with your pets name, cremation number and date of death inscribed on the bottom. You will also receive a certificate of cremation. Arrangements will be made to return cremated remains to you, either by delivery or pick up from PennyLane. We do not mail cremated remains.

Communal (group) cremations are handled with the same respect and care that we give private cremations. Your pet will be cremated with other pets whose families also request group cremations.

Group cremation remains are scattered on our property, and are not returned.

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We are a family owned and operated pet cremation service, located at our home in peaceful Mead, Colorado

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